The Anchorhold is the new album from Phil Stiles


9/8/2021 1 min read

Born from and within the challenges, frustrations and isolation of lockdown, The Anchorhold is the new album from Phil Stiles and the direct follow up to The Anchorite EP (2020). It is a release, an outpouring, a window onto the world that reflects on the past and dreams of the future. It is loneliness and connection, uniquely personal and universally relatable, the sound of these strange and difficult times. Enfolded in the evocative artwork and photography of Jola Stiles The Anchorhold is a wonderfully complete entity, but also one that is rife with future possibilities. It is a stunning exploration of our inner and outer worlds during a time of fear, loss and confusion and also a doorway to a place of sanctuary. To be released on September 17th on cassette and CD by Trepanation, this is an album to be cherished and treasured, a companion on this ongoing journey.

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