Project Kasha, new melodic death band


8/4/2021 1 min read

Project Kasha, the new Melodic Death Metal band, is coming out with an aggressive and melodic sound that you can savour in the recently released teaser trailer. Project Kasha is a new superband composed of members, and former members, of renowned bands from the underground metal scene: Filippo Zavattari (ex Frozen Crown), Andrea K Cappellari (Skeletoon, Kantica), Edward J. Freak (Superhorror) and Emanuele Giannoni (ex Psychotria, ex Synodik). The band is currently working on its debut album which will be released on the Kult Of Cthulhu label.

News will follow.

Stay Metal!

Project Kasha line up:
Edward J. Freak (vocals)
Filippo Zavattari (bass)
Andrea K Cappellari (guitar)
Emanuele Giannoni (drums)

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