Joe Stumps, new album “Diabolical Ferocity” upcoming album September 17


8/3/2021 2 min read

Lion Music Label is extremely proud to announce the new release from Alcatrazz guitarist Joe Stump's new album "Diabolical Ferocity" on September 17! The album includes Joe's recent single "Forever Moore" Joe's Gary Moore tribute).

Joe says about "Forever Moore":
“ Gary’s birthday is April 4th so I wanted to get this out during the month as a tribute to one of my all time heroes .
 While it’s extremely well documented who my favorite guitarists and main influences are -and of course the new record is filled with everything you’d expect from one of my releases : ridiculously technical playing, neo-classical shredding , killer riff action and strong melodies.  For me Gary Moore is still the one guitarist that really reaches me on an emotional level  like no one else.  I   frequently listen to all eras of Gary ‘s work to this day and I often say to myself why the fuck aren’t I listening to him even more . Everytime  without fail it’s an inspirational learning experience.
On this tune I tried my best to keep it honest , channel his great impact on me and play from my heart . I sincerely hope you enjoy it  as it’s meant with nothing but the utmost admiration and respect  for someone that left us way too soon” .

Lion Music Label accepts pre orders of Joe Stumps upcoming September 17 release “Diabolical Ferocity”. Via PayPal or Bank transfer.

You can choose to order one or several copies of the album OR opt in for our super exclusive offer to get 90 additional shred CDs at the same time for a total of just 99.00 Euros/ 119.00 USD (+shipping).

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Joe Stumps, new album, Diabolical Ferocity,rockers and other animals,rock,metal

01. Ignition.
02. Burn It Down
03. King Of The Underworld
04. The Snake Charmer's Fate
05. Nacht J.S. Bach
06. Sneak Attack
07. Die By The Sword
08. Viking Pillage
09. Maximum Damage
10. Forever Moore

Joe Stump-­‐ Guitar and bass
Francisco Palomo -­‐ keyboards and drum programming

Joe Stumps on web:

Joe Stumps, new album, Diabolical Ferocity,rockers and other animals,rock,metal