White Thunder - Maximum – A Journey Of A Billion Years



2021-08-07 1 min read

Band: White Thunder
Title: Maximum – A Journey Of A Billion Years
Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: June 25, 2021


1. Timeless Despise (4:46)
2. Orbit (5:04)
3. Trial (5:43)
4. Mainmast (Craving Silence) (6:49)
5. Everlasting Sight (6:18)
6. Dream-Like Surface (1:07)
7. Wait for the Sun (5:10)
8. Maximum (6:36)
9. Kuma (1:36)
10. Away from the Sun (Htcbh_) (9:27)

Mattia Fagiolo / vocals
Alessandro De Falco / guitar
Jacopo Fagiolo / guitar
Simone Ndiaye / bass
Davide Fabrizio / drums

The album “Maximum – A Journey of a Billion Years”, preceded by the release of the singles and videos 'Orbit' and 'Trial', is the first album for Italian Progressive Metal band White Thunder. Started out as a Judas Priest tribute band, the album presents Heavy Speed Metal influences mixed genres from classic metal and behind with creativity and good vocalism, as growl as melodic. The first EP “Never Ending Silence” (2019), was the preparation of this debut album “Maximum: The Journey Of a Billion Years“.
The album is a progressive metal concept, a story of a man who, subsequently to a great loss, goes out of his way to reach the moon, symbolizing a inhuman obsession, leading himself to an inevitable destruction in deep space.



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