Majesty Of Revival's next single and the new album title revealed


8/24/2021 1 min read

Progressive metallers Majesty Of Revival just released a new single "Deliverance", the band dropping new songs every month before the new album release.

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The song speaks about depression and burnout issues:
"How many times have you thought: “I can get through this. It’s just a phase...”
But months later, here we are - seemingly stuck in the middle, completely empty inside.
When the expectations are like moving targets, or any action doesn’t matter that much anymore
- you may be disillusioned with everything"

The band revealed the name of the fifth album: Pinnacle., release date, tracklist and cover art to be posted soon.

Ukrainian Progressive Metal act Majesty Of Revival was founded in 2009. A characteristic feature of their music is often an unusual combination, technical, and at the same time melodic performance.

The band already released 4 full-length albums.

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