Sons Of Alpha Centauri - Push


8/20/20212 min read

Band: Sons Of Alpha Centauri
Title: Push
Genre: Hardcore - Progressive Metal
Label: Exile On Mainstream
Release Date: 26th August 2021


1. Get The Guns
2. Listen
3. The Enemy
4. Push
5. Buried Under
6. Boys And Girls
7. Saturn
8. Dark Night
9. Own

Jonah Matranga – vocals
Marlon King – guitars
Nick Hannon – bass
Mitch Wheeler – drums
Stevie B – drums
Blake – effects

After 20 years as an instrumental-only collective, Sons of Alpha Centauri announce a new album with vocalist Jonah Matranga, known for bands like Far, Gratitude and Onelinewdrawing. Also new on board is drummer Mitch Wheeler, formerly of Will Haven, Ghostride and The Abominable Iron Sloth. Push is a radical departure from the instrumental, psychedelic-progressive sound they've been known for. On the album, the band from Kent, UK turns towards brute post-hardcore anthems bursting with hook lines that have their roots deep in the alternative sound of the 90s.
The album 'Push' is as if it were divided into two parts, the first one dark and, magnetic and hypnotic, while the second one, is to be considered as a 'rebirth', or at least, that's the feeling I had while listening to it.
"Get The Guns" it's a hard and powerful start, but the lineup change has paid off as vocalist Jonah Matranga is the perfect voice for the band's sound and drummer Mitch Wheeler also brings a good rhythmic feel to the track. I can say that "Get The Guns" is the first track that marks a very good direction.
The following "Listen" is a hypnotic track in which the semi-dark vibes range between a hypnotic limbo and a haunting rhythm. The timbre of the vocals goes well with the
atmosphere of the track and I am more and more convinced that 'Push' is the breakthrough album for Sons Of Alpha Centauri.
"Buried Under" also leaves a mark, it's an interesting track that balances between a catatonic carpet to a lashing beat and cracking guitars. The approach between the rhythmic
line and the voice is interesting and gives off a magnetic feel.
The title track, 'Push', is one of the most brilliant tracks in which Jonah adds value with the hardcore imprint. And while Matanga dominates the piece with vocal virtuosity, the song itself is fantastic for its musical atmosphere.
"Buried Under" and "Boys And Girls" close the first part of this album, both tracks can be considered the most 'catchy' part of the first six tracks.
Very upbeat is "Saturn", with retro hints of good, lively rock. So a reminder of the lighter, brighter sounds of the past, just so we don't forget our roots. Well done.
We continue with the energetic 'Dark Night' with its excellent musical verve and spectacular vocals, another plus point for this incredible album.
Ending 'Push' is the excellent 'Own' and although it returns to a darker limbo, it has to be said that it doesn't detract from the rockier impact of the previous two tracks.
"Push" is an album that surprised me positively, different, innovative while maintaining an introspective content like the previous album, it is as I said a turning point for SOAC's career.

Simply a great album.

Valeria Campagnale

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