MegaSnake strikes again - The second single from Finnish hard rock power quartet out now



2021-07-29 1 min read

Photo: MegaSnake

The Finnish power quartet MegaSnake has released their sophomore single "Shame on Me". The band's line-up is singer Richard ”Tipe” Johnson (Leningrad Cowboys, Gringos Locos, Apocalyptica's live line-up), Drummer Twist Twist Erkinharju (Peer Günt, Leningrad Cowboys, Los Bastardos Finlandeses), Guitar player Samuel Hjelt (Kings of Modesty, ex-Ancara) and bass player Henrik Tuura (Kings of Modesty, Killer Kachina)

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Shame on Me:
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The second single starts off where the first single "Sun Don't Shine" ended - with Twist Twist Erkinharju's masculine baritone voice. After the countdown it's time to roll again. The lyrical theme is "big brother is watching you". In this case the storyteller is "the bad guy" but also "you" (the listener) is guilty of complacency and blue-eyedness.


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